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Incredible Bass Album release by Picso on The Grëat Music - EX ORE INFANTIUM.


We are excited to present a new outstanding artist joining the Thathard Network / Highertracks family! Picso is coming up very strong with no less than an entire album released on our Avant-guard label 'The Grëat Music'!

He's specialized in combining orchestral and cinematic sounds with electronic, heavy bass music, reaching an absolutely exquisite, captivating, and mind-blowing result.

For Picso, the adventure initially began as therapy, subliming his emotion through classical ensemble compositions, hard-hitting drum lines, and colossal bass designs. Over time, his connection with music and the complexity and precision of his creations became razor-sharp, leveling up to epic proportions.

This album, "Ex Ore Infantium" will bring you into a mighty, sometimes dark, cutting-edge universe. We honestly never heard anything like this album, and the entire team is so excited to release it. The energy deployed within those tracks is unbelievable, reflecting the life experiences Picso has gathered and the results of explorations into his deepest emotions.

Get ready for a Monumental and unforgettable experience! Don't hesitate to show love to Picso's Debut on Thathard Network!

The 6 tracks album will be available on all digital music stores/streaming.

Here are all the useful links!

Smart link : Upcoming

Download HD cover art : Upcoming

Until soon!




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