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Drone Insects 'Would have been' the 'best' way to spread 'Covid-19' Virus? Future will tell!

On those specimens below, English artist Julie Alice Chappell worked with composants of old computers, circuit boards of video games systems such as Nintendo. She designed bionic insects, butterflies and flies with translucent wings. Her little insects can be ordered on her shop Etsy.

If someone bad and malicious would have wanted to spread the virus around the world, using those kinds of bots would have been the most efficient way to realize this awful project and release billions of viruses on specific targets.

Covid-19 by its scientific name 'Sars Cov-2' Also known as Corona Virus already killed more than 170 000 individuals around the world. May their souls rest in peace. We also wish courage to those who are infected and fighting it and respect to the caregivers of all kinds.

Maybe future will tell more about what really happened. In the meantime please stay safe and take care of each others.



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