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Awesome Graffiti Art by Sock!

Tom Aka Sock - 31-year-old is a professional illustrator and painter from Avignon, France.

Tom studied two years in a private art school then dropped it to learn by himself.

He felt into this passion when he was 11 years old out of the Hip-Hop culture.

Tom posts his graffiti on his Instagram account 'sock.wildsketch'. (See More)



« The purpose of my work is mainly personal ; make me happy and practice my passion every day. Then there is also the idea that painting in the street makes art accessible to everyone … If, in addition, the message I want to convey is captured and that it leads to reflection, it is only a bonus. Regarding the messages I want to share, it depends on a lot of parameters. I especially don’t want to perpetually do the same thing or the same style, so I take the place, the residents into account and try to achieve custom-made thing. Sometimes the message is neutral. Other times, it is explicit or suggested. Separating my work in “series”, I generally give myself guidelines which I will follow and develop. My serie « Quantic b.boy » tends to bring spirituality back to the hip hop movement, my serie, produced internationally, « Turn off your screen » aims to encourage people to control their screen consumption every day and question about technology. I also go on topics that the media put in the category of « conspiracy theory », such as the World Trade Center, the creation of NASA, the invention of dinosaurs … in order to raise questions because I have always been intrigued by the mystery ! » Tom.


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