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3X Spotify Motto concept - (For even more power) By Freyah Martell - Highertracks ★


3X Spotify Motto concept - (For even more power)

Hey everyone! This is a visual and commercial / marketing concept I've been working on since a little while now, and pretty much done.

First about the context -

I will not enter too many details about the music industry here but a brief explanation.

The tech industry as well as the music industry is evolving rapidly and a fierce battle between the major actors (companies - Record labels) took place and is kind of increasing.

My feeling about this is simple : honestly it doesn't benefit the consumers / listeners or the artists. Honestly a lot of people just don’t realize at this point, however a lot of aspects of this is not advantageous for them. They are clearly trying to divide and rule. Especially dividing creators from their own audience!

Now the idea -

Through the years I have developed a lot of different strategies regarding music concepts and marketing.

And a little more recent one ; I found out that it was fun (and fun is highly important to succeed) and efficient to actually promote music related products or services by leveraging a brand on another platform (Fair use). Here for example I'm simply using the Spotify image on Soundcloud. And the opposite would also work. I’m doing this also with other brands but ok let’s stay focused.

Results -

The project is very young but I already see very very strong interest from people… It’s beyond amazing! I even have some people writing on the channels and asking if we indeed are official people working at Spotify. Especially on the Spotify Network channel, on which I already released tracks last year.

3 Channels - 3 Motto - all merging into a digital specimen. 3 Motto all going in the same direction.

Spotify Social : All together through music

Spotify Network : Because music connects people

Spotify Echo : Let your music be amplified

Conclusion -

Highertracks - We create Bridges!

I really enjoyed a lot like, a lot creating this project as far as the visual concepts and also making it go alive online…

Basically, creating bridges for Artists to feel more freedom really. And forget about stats for a minute.

Now simply have to make it evolve. In an environment that is evolving that fast, if you want to be successful, you absolutely have (in my humble opinion) to stay fluid. And by fluid I mean very creative, always willing to try new things and develop the ability to adapt very fast. That’s it ;)

You can enjoy seeing the channels live with these addresses :

Spotify Network tracks playlists by Spotify Echo :

(created yesterday)

I hope this was not too long. I thought this was an interesting topic and project so I wanted to explain in depth… I really would like to know your thoughts about this project and ideas… So please don’t hesitate to comment and tell me what you are thinking.

I hope you enjoyed the content, and well…… Catching you somewhere in the digital world or in the metaverse or who knows maybe in the real world ;)

Take care peeps!

Freyah M. Highertracks.LLC / Thathard Network. CEO.

Take care guys!

Until soon!



Bring Highertracks with you everywhere!

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