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In this volume, we’ll discover a very interesting chill/tropical remix/cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of you’ by producer Matthew J coming from New Jersey US. Featuring amazing vocals by Lisa Donihue, result just super Stunning! Congrats to them!

Track number 4 sent from Chicago US with two very interesting artists, Prov and Sam Hudgens, bringing a modern but very groovy rnb, also we are appreciating the soulful attitude and original sound design. Just amazing!!

After a few tracks we will stop on CarolinePatience’. Sent to us from London UK. Modern slow jam with amazing lyrics, nice vocals and futuristic/trap/rnb vibe. cool and efficient production as well. Keep this up Caroline!

Let’s close the presentation with the group called ‘Overjoy’. (Alexis Moraites, Hoff & Métty) They are bringing a wonderful and beautiful electro acoustic sound in this track called 'Women'. Also very original in it’s structure kind of progressive. Sensitive vocals by Alexis also standing out! Maybe our favorite in this selection…! Wow!

Hope you’ll enjoy this new Extractor volume, much love!

This volume of THE EXTRACTOR showcases some of the nicest 2018 Rnb/Rap/Alternative Hiphop being played right now. Everyone please share this drill massively and who knows maybe it will be your track on the next volume!



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