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Smashing 'New Rules' 2018 Analog Remix by Freyah Martell / (Free Download)

Freyah is entering 2018 with a quite efficient and original analog remix of smashing Dua Lipa’s New Rules.

Transforming the Dance/Dancehall vibe of the original by a powerful modern electro/pop song! Large analog synths and dynamic acoustic drums already make that track stand out.

Builds up and new structure in the track’s composition are quite amazing too….

Freyah adapted her style to the very punchy performance by Dua, and it’s very refreshing to hear such a new energy in this record, Nice add-lips and little changes here and there bring the new magic to Freyah’s vocal performance.

Freyah released a couple of original tracks and remixes principally during 2016, and has been featured on well know places such as Café Del Mar, AIA, Saint Of Serenity, Dancing Astronauts, between many others. She’s now close to 1 Million plays on her official Soundcloud page.

You can also find all her original tracks on her Spotify Artist profile.

Spotify Profile :

She will release a lot of new music this year from what we have heard...! Hope you will like and support that first 2018 remix by Freyah!

Until Soon!






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