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Impressive Dark Trap Release on 'The Grëat Music'

Mataio is coming back with a second dark trap release on our label ‘The Grëat Music’.

This track called ‘Creed’ is bringing us in a dark world where everything is in motion, Mix of ethnic drums, super large ambient sounds and wide melodies will move us there.

Although this music has a strong spiritual side, the modernity of distorted sounds and production techniques are really impressive and give the track the very professional touch we like to hear, at the opposite of all the low quality tracks that might be popular right now. We always put quality of music first at The Grëat Music.

Dark Trip to Mataio’s trap planet with The Grëat Music spaceship, hope you will enjoy, share and support the track!

You can also listen to the track on Spotify or /and add it to your playlists with this link :

Until soon for more exclusive music!




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