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New Amazing Electro-Pop Release on The Grëat Music

Perfect track to close and recall the best moments of the summer, this huge banger called ‘Lucy’ (Sun goes up) is provided by young new artist from Sweden ‘Chris Tall’ through our electro-acoustic label ‘The Grëat Music’.

Chris is specialized in Funky/Disco/Retro Music on top of a very solid and refreshing 21th century feeling.

Vocals and efficient lyrics by female vocalist Maydar are just blending perfectly to the track with a terrific hook that will stay in your head all day…

Quality of production and acoustic bassline are outstanding and make this piece so unique. From first notes, we are caught into the groove and can’t get out of it until the end. This track is so catchy that it can literally fit everywhere… in clubs, radio, festivals, a song to wake up with or to listen to doing your fitness….

You can also put it in your Spotify playlist with this link

(All our releases will also be available on Spotify from now on).

Lucy, just as Chris Tall and The Grëat Music are packed up to go, are you?

We hope you will enjoy this new The Grëat Music release at its true value. A trip through love and trough time for your ears.

All your support will be appreciated, let’s get it!




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