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Coming from San Francisco, Usa. ‘Kiba’ gives us thrills with this wonderful Bass/Chill remix of Japanese Classical score female singer ‘Utada Hikaru’ with the song called ‘Sanctuary’. A highly creative piece of work! Bravo!

Boovox is delivering a strong bass house track called ‘Rubber Bass’ through the AIA house label. Really cool to put in a mix, to dance on in clubs. Also some nice melodic variations and vocal samples work in there… Nice tune!

Closing this volume with a really nice mix by Las Vegas DJ ‘Yeisukee’. He’s providing a high quality bass mix, choices of the songs and mix technics are just fine so we can just push play and let the music flow.

Hope you’ll enjoy this selection, much love to you guys!

This volume of THE EXTRACTOR showcases some of the nicest summer 2017 Bass music tracks being played right now. Everyone please share this drill massively and who knows maybe it will be your track on the next volume!



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