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Let’s discover a new artist on our label ‘The Grëat Music’ through this pretty amazing release called ‘New To The Game’.

Bernard Capistrano, better known as Soulecist., is a 21 years old music producer/audio engineer from San Francisco. His style can described as, but is not limited to, ethnic/worldly based experimental bass music and smooth electronic soul music.

This ‘New To The Game’ track is a smart mix between heavy hitting bass/trap and smooth acoustic/soul elements and theory. Some other "unorthodox" elements are coming from time to time and bring some more magic to this collaboration.

Really catchy tune to be played in clubs, bedrooms or simply in your car while driving with friends…

Here we got you the artists themselves to tell you about the process for building this song.

"Fooligan and I came together to make this unique banger. Being sample based producers that manipulate one-shots with different loads of processing, the drops HAD to be unique and heavy hitting. Once Fooligan laid out the textured synth you hear, everything fell into place. This song was kinda designed to just be weird and different, with the whole "lofi" intro to the plucks, then the heavy drops. Originally, a lot of the sounds we started with were very synthetic kinda sounds; then adding in real instrument recordings like the brass and plucks, layering them, then adding our processing really shaped the song. Everything, from the the small fills to the larger than life 808s were sculpted for average listeners to hear intricate details and more trained listeners to also always be entertained every time they listen.

All-in-all, we hope you guys enjoy this song as much as we do."

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