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THE EXTRACTOR is a tool build to drill the hottest tracks from the earth core, and bring them to people’s ears. Showcasing the greatest pieces selected by our staff at Thathard Magazine. These volumes are featuring both underground and mainstream artists that we love or find promising.

If you too want to submit your track to THE EXTRACTOR , you can submit it for consideration here:

• Potential single upload (remixes and originals) / THE EXTRACTOR drill selection -

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Soulecist and Christian Rosier are hitting us with a very deep track, between Soul, modern hip hop and chill, ‘After Hours’ is keeping us in an awesome mood, The acoustical and electronic elements really well served with an amazing mix on the top of it… Enjoy!!

Bringing some more energy to this ‘Deep vibes’ compilation, Audiovista is presenting a very powerful remix of efficient Bebe Rexha ‘Bad Bitch’ (With Ty Dolla $ign). Deep and chill but also groovy and catchy… We’ll enjoy the drop and that bass every time. Well done!

We had to write a little something about this track ‘Forest of the spirits’ by Sakuraburst. Could it be chiller, answer is no… The track really brings us in its own deep universe, with an outstanding ambiance and production. Classical Mallet to place the theme and electronic ambient sounds and leads in perfect harmony, we also can appreciate this monstrous drop (happening 2:45) OMG!!

Our second volume of THE EXTRACTOR showcases some of the nicest deep and chill tracks being played right now. Everyone please share this drill massively and who knows maybe it will be your track on the next volume!



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