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Is the activity entirely organic?

Yes, we will never work with bots or automated systems, which are generally armful for the music community, it took us literally years of work to be able to transform simple submissions into legitimate amount of streams and powerful playlist placements. 

Spotify also have a zero tolerance policy regarding artificial / fake streams and their algorithms can identify those kind of frauds. We take this very seriously and provide maximum levels of transparency.

How Spotify Streams Campaigns works?

Some of our curators own big playlists with high level of engagements. If one of your tracks is accepted, it is because the curators know it fits their audience. Your track will be placed on those playlists which will result in people being naturally and organically engaged.

We only work based on organic activity, any other way is totally useless and not productive.

Why don't you accept every submissions?

We are working with many curators however there is a limited amount of free slots each month, therefor we prefer to work with a limited amount of artist each month to be able to provide top quality services.

Are the results guarantee?

Yes, for playlist placements as for streams campaigns we guarantee that the service will be provided just as described. Regarding to streams campaigns we guarantee a 100% effective result.


Regarding to playlist placements, we also guarantee and will make sure that your track is actually placed on the playlist(s), for at least one month.

Can i be sure to earn my royalties for all the streams?

Of course! Spotify pays royalties to the artists for each streams and you will keep 100% of the royalties generated by our campaigns, therefor you will have a return on investments and strengthens your career.

Are you providing reports during the campaings?

You will receive a detailed and precise report at the end of the campaign (including stats, total reach, details on placements). In the meantime you can always reach us through our direct chat (generally responding within 6 - 12H).


For daily stats you can also connect to your Spotify for Artist account and get more insights.

Do you provide a refund policy?

Yes, customers satisfaction is the most important thing for us. If for any reasons we don't meet the minimum results guaranteed, we will provide 100% refund.

Why can't i see the playlists in advance?

Spotify is against internal promotion provided by external sources, they might track our curators and sanctioned them or delete their playlists. This in our vision is not fair because it is clearly favoring very big labels who can afford GAFA based promotions like massive Facebook or Google ads campaigns.


We know that plenty of smaller and upcoming artists / labels are providing incredible work, unfortunately they don't have the funds to compete with majors labels. Often they can't even live by their music. Our vision is different and we want all promising and talented artists to be able to get the income they really deserve and access quality promotion services at the most affordable pricing.

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